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Bowyer is a modern creative agency focused on well crafted design and authentic branding. Founded in 2015 by Emily Desai, Bowyer is the evolution of the design consultancy, EDCC, which has been servicing clients for over 10 years. As our clients needs and goals have grown, our business model has evolved to accommodate. We provide design services for our clients during all phases of a project including overall narrative, wayfinding, environmental graphics, placemaking and code signage. In addition we offer content creation, social media and digital marketing, branding and visual design while maintaining a keen awareness of client objectives, user experience and technical implementation. Strategic thinking is critical in maintaining the highest creative standards while remaining aware of project goals, milestones and desired outcomes.

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Although it can sometimes sound esoteric, experiential design can be explained fairly easily - it's about crafting an experience for a specific space. From the Nike store at the mall to the emails that we receive, we are influenced daily by visual information and messages. Our goal is to work with clients to ensure that the spaces they envision are fully realized, offering their users the best possible experience that is simultaneously enjoyable and efficient. 



Many people think that a brand is simply a logo. In some cases that may appear so, but the reality is that a brand is built on a foundation of insight, knowing your audience and crafting a visual reflection of your core values into a multi-faceted identity. Authentic branding is worth the effort, and we work with clients to create and refine their brands on a variety of scales and in many different mediums - from business cards to lobby murals. 



If you have ever been lost in an airport or parking garage, then you have been the victim of poor wayfinding. We've all been there, wandering around a parking lot and pressing our car key buttons, hoping our car's horn will guide us safely home. But good wayfinding is out there, too. Bold signage, clear directions, thoughtful messaging and beautiful graphics can all come together to create a journey that is not detour-free, but enjoyable. 

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Whether we're helping clients bring luxury apartments to market, or work with a leasing team to land an anchor tenant in a new commercial building, one thing is consistent: quality marketing leads to quality results. From market demographics and tenant personas, to project branding and experiential design - we continually look for ways to set our clients and their projects apart from the rest.